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              Whether you’re a prospective student or just visiting the Boston area, we invite you to explore our dynamic campus and experience firsthand how MIT is making a better world.

              MIT is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, across the Charles River from Boston, in the vibrant innovation district of Kendall Square.?MIT’s main entrance is 77 Massachusetts Avenue.?For maps and guidance, stop by the Information Center in Room 7-121, inside the main entrance on the right. Office hours are 9–5, Monday–Friday, excluding legal and Institute holidays.

              MIT’s main entrance,?77 Massachusetts Avenue

              Campus Tours & Information Sessions

              MIT Undergraduate Admissions runs information sessions and tours for prospective students Monday through Friday, excluding Institute holidays and the winter break. Campus tours are open to the general public and are led by current students. You can also stroll the campus on your own using our campus walking tour.

              Many departments, classrooms, and labs radiate from the?Infinite Corridor.

              Getting Here & Getting Around

              When navigating to campus, use the address for MIT’s main entrance, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge. Parking can be tough here! We recommend public transportation or a taxi/rideshare service (such as Uber or Lyft) to campus.

              Via public transportation

              Boston’s public transportation system is the MBTA, known as “the T.”

              • Subway: From any terminal at Logan Airport, take the Silver Line bus to South Station. At South Station, change to the Red Line subway to Kendall/MIT (inbound toward Alewife). The ride should take about 30 minutes and is free. 

              • Bus: The #1 bus stops at MIT on Massachusetts Avenue and provides transportation between Harvard Square and Dudley Square (in Boston).

              • Shuttle: The EZ Ride shuttle runs to and from Boston’s North Station, with stops at Kendall Square and around MIT’s campus (Note: EZRide is not operated by the MBTA; fare is $2 cash per trip).

              From Logan Airport

              • Taxi or rideshare: Taxi fare from the airport is about $35–$40, and a rideshare service can range from about $20–$35. During non-rush hour, the ride will take about 15 minutes; during rush hour, it may take 30 minutes or more.

              • Subway: From any terminal at Logan Airport, take the Silver Line bus to South Station. At South Station, change to the Red Line subway to Kendall/MIT (inbound toward Alewife). The ride should take about 30 minutes.


              • Parking in Cambridge and Boston can be expensive and hard to find. Whenever possible, park where you’re staying and use public transportation or a taxi/rideshare service. If you must drive to the campus, on- and off-street parking is available for a fee, but most public parking is not very close to the center of campus. More parking information is available from Parkopedia.

              • Visiting prospective students may park in designated areas on a first-come, first-served basis.
              The Kendall/MIT subway station is the closest stop to campus.
              The Red Line train crosses the Longfellow Bridge, which connects Cambridge and Boston.
              Cyclists pass by the Collier Memorial.

              While You’re Here

              From art and architecture to history and culture, there is plenty to see and do, both on campus and in the greater Boston area.

              On the MIT campus

              • Walk straight through the doors at 77 Massachusetts Avenue to stroll the Infinite Corridor (OK, it’s only 1/6th of a mile). You’ll get a feel for the bustling intellectual heart of MIT — especially if you’re there when classes change!
              • Stop by Killian Court, the leafy oasis where we hold each year’s Commencement, and gaze up at the Great Dome. (At 8,800 square feet, it’s larger than the domes of St. Paul’s in London and the U.S. Capital Building. And it was the site of some historic hacks.

              • Take in the galleries and exhibits at the MIT Museum, where art, science, and technology intersect.

              • Explore public art on campus, including works by Picasso, Calder, and other major artists.

              • Visit the List Visual Arts Center, MIT’s contemporary arts museum.

              • View students’ creative work at the Wiesner Student Art Gallery.

              • Experience the lyrical serenity of the MIT Chapel, a small masterpiece by renowned Finnish American architect Eero Saarinen. 

              • Browse MIT’s special collections, including historical documents, rare books, and maps, at the Maihaugen Gallery of the MIT Libraries.

              • Learn about nautical engineering at the Hart Nautical Gallery, which houses one of the most important collections of nautical materials in the country.

              • Witness the work being done at the cutting edge of cancer research at the Koch Institute Public Galleries.

              • See a display of hacks on the Charles M. Vest Student Street in the Stata Center.

              • Go underground to see the Borderline Mural Project, a single, connected mural created by 25 MIT-affiliated artists.

              • Shop at the MIT Coop for MIT-branded apparel and other souvenirs.

              Around Cambridge and Boston

              Other resources
              Killian Court and the Great Dome
              “Alchemist,” by Jaume Plensa, is part of MIT's public art collection.
              Hackers placed a life-size cow on the top of the Great Dome
              See one of Arthur Ganson’s mesmerizing kinetic sculptures at the MIT Museum.
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